According to the poster, the lyrics to “The Twelve Days of Liz-mas” were written by Elizabeth Warren supporters and not her campaign, which is a relief, but are we reading too much into the refrain which says, “Liz Warren gave to us”? Because her whole campaign seems to be taking away from billionaires (not millionaires like Bernie Sanders, though) and “giving” away free stuff: free health care, free college, free childcare, etc.

It sort of reminds us of that horrible Hillary Clinton campaign ad from back in the 2008 race where she showed herself wrapping presents with tags listing all the things she was going to give us when she was president. Wait, here it is:

Elizabeth Warren really is Hillary 2.0. But let’s get to those lyrics:

We like “Crying billionaires” and “Send the orange man packing.”

Oh yeah, when she had a giant balloon made of her dog wearing its “two cents” Halloween costume.