This Periscope video of Alyssa Milano is making the rounds today on Twitter. She’s talking about the humanitarian crisis at the border, which liberals have seemed to have forgotten about completely — remember when Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez couldn’t shut up about the “concentration camps” at the border? A quick search shows that Chicks on the Right blogged about it back in July. But here it is again.

It would seem Milano is all for open borders, seeing as she calls them “f**king arbitrary lines in the sand.” And yet, every single nation on earth has them. Maybe she’s talking about all the red lines President Obama drew in the sand — those were pretty arbitrary.

In any case, see what you think. Some are calling it bad acting, but we’re pretty sure she’s being sincere — which actually makes us feel a little bad for her.

We did manage to catch “Death to Trump” scrolling past, as well as, “Didn’t Obama do this too?”

She needs to buck up if she’s going to be an effective leader of the Impeachment Task Force.


Good advice.


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