First of all, what is a “media happy hour” and how could any 60-minute interval spent inside Planned Parenthood headquarters be considered “happy?”

Maybe Planned Parenthood is being extra cautious after being burned by David Daleiden and his undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood execs haggling over the price of baby parts. But still, some journalists pushed back against signing non-disclosure agreements before entering the media happy hour.

Among those were VICE’s Carter Sherman. VICE is certainly not a conservative outlet (or they wouldn’t have been invited), and Sherman includes in its piece that Planned Parenthood “has said that the Center’s videos were deceptively edited” (they weren’t according to a forensic study admitted as court evidence).

After some pushback, Planned Parenthood has said that “our interactions with reporters around this have been less than perfect.”

Not that they have anything to hide when they’re not throwing happy hours for the media.