We’d thought liberals had already wrung all the controversy out of “Ford v Ferrari” by noting that straight, white men “dominate the screen” for 98 percent of its running time. But Grist, based out of Seattle, instead argues that the movie is a “climate change horror film.”

L.V. Anderson writes:

The scene is, in itself, a neat metaphor for our society’s addiction to fossil fuels: Even in the face of disaster, [racecar driver Carroll] Shelby is too addicted to speed and glory to fathom not refueling his vehicle. He has a compulsion to continue doing literally the exact same thing over and over and over again, even if it threatens to kill him and those around him. The ensuing two and a half hours of Ford v Ferrari are slick with the same uncanny symbolism: Though director James Mangold never once even winks at the negative environmental effects of combusting all that gasoline, he has unwittingly managed to create a striking cinematic allegory for the climate crisis.

Oh, and in case you needed a reminder, Anderson notes that the film reeks of white masculinity, and “there is not a single character of color in the film, and only one female character with a name.”

The MPAA needs to come up with some new ratings to warn people of White Masculinity and depictions of fossil fuel consumption.


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