CBS’s “The Talk” doesn’t say exactly where these compulsory lessons are going to be taking place (if they’re not canceled first once word gets out), but The Daily Mail covered compulsory self-touching lessons in a piece Saturday, and it seems to be limited so far to the U.K.

The program is called “All About Me” and is set to be rolled out to 241 primary schools by Warwickshire County Council.

“The Talk,” which airs on CBS in the afternoons, wants to know how people feel about children as young a 6 being given “compulsory self-touching lessons.”

We did check “The Talk’s” Twitter feed to see if they’d uploaded video of the segment so we could learn more, but no luck. So, people will just have to go on what they know from the tweet … and they’re weighing in in droves.

They might use puppets. Yeah, they’ll probably use puppets.