Mr. Alexander Vindman — sorry, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman — was pretty much free from criticism as he testified, with the exception of the White House, which sent out quite a few tweets about him and his record. The pro-impeachment crowd was appalled that anyone would question the integrity or patriotism of a decorated officer.

It turns out another officer has come forward to say his piece. Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg, Vice President Mike Pence’s national security adviser, issued a statement Tuesday saying that he was on that call with the presidents of the United States and Ukraine and heard nothing wrong.

Kellogg notes that Jennifer Williams, who reported to him, was also on the call, “and as she testified, she never reported any personal or professional concerns to me, her direct supervisor, regarding the call.” And of course, we all know now that Vindman didn’t go to his direct supervisor, because it was a really busy week as he testified, so he went to George Kent and who we can only assume is the whistleblower — not even Rep. Adam Schiff knows who he is, though.

Kellogg notes his own 40-plus years in uniform and federal service, but watch the liberals tear him down if the media even picks up his statement.


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