Investigative reporter Andrew Kerr has a great piece at The Daily Caller looking into the shape of the Clinton Foundation ever since Hillary Clinton lost her presidential bid in November 2016. It seems things … aren’t great.

Kerr reports:

The Clinton Foundation’s revenue dropped to a 16-year low in 2018 and reported a third-straight year of losses, a trend that began in 2016 when Hillary Clinton was defeated by President Donald Trump.

The foundation’s 2018 revenue was just 12% of the $249 million it raised in 2009, the first year of Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state under former President Barack Obama.

The Clinton Foundation also posted its third straight year of losses of $16 million or more in 2018, bringing its total losses since 2016 to $49.6 million.

Huh … the year Hillary was appointed secretary of state the foundation took in nearly $250 million, but last year it raked in only $30.7 million, the lowest haul since 2002. What could have happened?


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