President Trump tweeted Monday that he’d been to Walter Reed Medical Center over the weekend to begin Phase 1 of his yearly physical, which of course set CNN’s Brian Stelter on a tear, obviously not believing the story he’d been told. Well, it’s not that he didn’t believe it; he’s hurt because he just can’t trust what has come out of the White House since 2016.

Someone who hasn’t been paying attention at all at Politico decided to write up a piece suggesting that Trump drop out of the 2020 race (or be removed from office) if he physically isn’t up to the task. Maybe they wrote one, but we missed the Politico piece suggesting Bernie Sanders, 78, should drop out of the race after he had a heart attack on the campaign trail.

Not only did Sanders have a heart attack — we all watched blood well up in Joe Biden’s eye during a town hall. And remember the scolding we got when we started asking questions about Hillary Clinton’s fainting spells and coughing fits.