As we mentioned a couple of nights ago, Rep. Lee Zeldin made the observation that “quid pro quo” had suddenly disappeared from the Democrats’ lexicon, and the new word of the day was “extortion.” The memo must have gone out because Democrats hit all the cable news programs that same day arguing that they had enough to charge President Trump with extortion and bribery.

That seemed to be a sign that Democrats had upped their game, but were they just bluffing? During Wednesday’s hearing, Rep. John Ratcliffe reminded Acting Amb. William Taylor of the many, many times Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky recalled the phone call in question and said there was no pressure put on him.

As Twitchy reported, at least one Washington Post political reporter floated the idea that even if Zelensky did feel pressured or blackmailed, his pride wouldn’t let him admit it. So who are you going to believe? Zelensky, or a mind-reading journalist?