Chesa Boudin, a public defender who had never prosecuted a case, won the race for San Fransisco District Attorney, and The Hill’s chief Washington correspondent, Saagar Enjeti, is wishing the city good luck:

Just FYI: That’s not Boudin in the photo; he’s a he.

A couple of weeks ago, the San Francisco Chronicle published the candidate’s answers to an ACLU questionnaire on “quality of life” crimes such as “vehicle break-ins, public intoxication, drug dealing, petty theft and graffiti.”

Boudin told the ACLU:

We will not prosecute cases involving quality-of-life crimes. Crimes such as public camping, offering or soliciting sex, public urination, blocking a sidewalk, etc., should not and will not be prosecuted. Many of these crimes are still being prosecuted, we have a long way to go to decriminalize poverty and homelessness.

How about public defecation?

Ambassador Richard Grenell thinks that all of California needs a reality check:

Surprise: According to the New York Post, Boudin was raised by Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn in Chicago while his parents, members of the Weather Underground, were shipped off to prison after two cops and a Brink’s guard were killed in an armored car robbery.