Two things we know: Chad Felix Greene is a Twitchy favorite and Rep. Richard Dangler of Washington needs to get his Twitter account verified. He also needs to wrap his mind around the idea that conservatives don’t really care if Chad is gay.

Or maybe he’s just a parody account and he’s trolling us all. He doesn’t seem to have rated any news coverage at all.

Our story takes us back to this tweet from HuffPost’s Kimberly Johnson:

Oh, it’s on.

Here’s where Dangler comes in. As we said, he’s not verified, but he certainly sounds like a progressive lawmaker.

So Dangler speaks for the majority of conservatives now? He needs to have his software updated.

Getting ratioed by conservatives really opened his eyes.

Gotta be a parody: Dangler notes that he has “quite a few” gay friends.

Sure you do. Any conservative ones?