Andrew Sullivan has a new Intelligencer column out in New York magazine, and while it covers a number of topics, one of them is, “Is there a Democrat who can win?” That’s juicy enough, but the excerpt in the tweet really sells it:

Sullivan also has a lot to say about the other candidates, such as, “O’Rourke is a woke, moronic bigot” and “Harris has revealed herself as a feckless, authoritarian, lying opportunist.” But back to Elizabeth Warren, who’s in the Big 3.

Sullivan writes:

Warren is surging, but she is, I fear — yes, I’ll say it — unelectable. I may be wrong, but by pledging to rip everyone off their current private health insurance, it certainly seems like she has thrown away the core advantage of her side — health security. By floating the notion in the CNN forum that her future Secretary of Education would have to be approved by a transgender 9-year-old boy, she’s placing herself firmly inside a cultural revolution most Americans are deeply uncomfortable with.

And the Trump game plan against her writes itself: She’s a supercilious, smug, know-it-all Massachusetts liberal who reveals contempt for the deplorables the way Clinton did last time. The “first woman of color” to get hired as a professor at Harvard Law School is the stuff that GOP dreams are made on. That any suspicion of the viability of her candidacy will be ascribed entirely to misogyny will only help Trump, the way it did in 2016.

In short, she’s Hillary 2.0. We’d say the exception is that Hillary didn’t pretend to be Native American, but she has told some fibs in trying to make her political ascension seem like more of a struggle than it was.

“Don’t get me wrong. I’ll vote for anyone, including Warren or Sanders or even the vacuous “Beto” to defeat Trump,” Sullivan writes. “But let’s be honest: This is a field that has largely wilted upon inspection.”