It’s kind of annoying when people crop out the source of an image or text excerpt because we like to pass along where these things come from. Like, where did Barbra Streisand find this violent image?

Turns out that cartoon’s pretty old — it dates back to January, and it’s still up on Twitter. If it’s any consolation, the blood draining out of Trump is actually his red tie … made to look like blood draining out. Plus there’s the “bloody shoes” shoutout to Bernie Sanders superfan Cardi B.

Streisand must have thought Pelosi deserved the boost after walking out of a meeting with President Trump after one or both of them had a meltdown; we know from the photos that she stuck her finger at him, and we’re pretty sure he called her a “third-rate politician.”

We know that Jack and Twitter want to elevate the discourse on the platform, and flagging this for removal would be a good start — actually a good continuation, following the deletion of Tom Arnold’s unhinged tweet bringing up JFK during Trump’s visit to Dallas this week.

He must be … the original’s been up for months and months.

Nah, he’s flattered.

Or this:

Extra credit: