It appears that Sen. Mitt Romney is trying to become the new Jeff Flake of the Republican Party, and Mick Mulvaney’s press conference Thursday might have swayed a few others, at least in the House:

Despite the overheated chyrons at CNN, the needle on impeachment doesn’t seem to have moved much at all, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the subject never even came up during President Trump’s “meltdown” at a meeting Wednesday.

So, where do Republican senators stand on Trump’s impeachment? Allahpundit of Twitchy sister-site HotAir has the over/under at 2.5 — nowhere near enough to convict or remove from office, but a significant number nonetheless.


If that.

No way.

Zero. The hive mind will prevail as always — keeping in mind this is all just a hypothetical and Pelosi hasn’t even considered bringing an impeachment inquiry to a floor vote.