As Twitchy reported earlier, many who suspected Facebook has a conservative political bias were up in arms when the saw Politico’s scoop that Mark Zuckerberg had had “secretive talks and off-the-record dinners with conservative influencers” like Tucker Carlson and Lindsey Graham in recent months.

That’s Judd Legum of the now-defunct ThinkProgress, so take whatever he says with a big grain of salt.

Zuckerberg has responded to Politico’s big scoop (in a Facebook post, of course), saying he meets with all sorts of people across the political spectrum.

We have some issues with Zuckerberg, but we don’t for a second believe that he hasn’t met with liberal politicians, media, and thinkers. What we do believe is that wouldn’t make the news; it takes dinner with Tucker Carlson to prove that Zuckerberg’s a neo-Nazi.

Hey, even liberal darling Ellen DeGeneres had to grovel for sitting next to George W. Bush at a ball game and smiling.

Ask Politico … it’s their big scoop.

Of course, Zuckerberg is taking a beating for having dinner with Carlson, and the Nazi and Hitler comparisons are coming in hot and fast.

Media Matters researcher:

And we’re still supposed to come away from this believing Facebook is a right-wing organization, but we’re not buying it. Like they said above, it’s only a story if Zuckerberg meets with conservatives.