While the NBA is taking a beating for bowing to China, the Free Beacon reports that pressure from BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanctions) activists has compelled the Portland Trail Blazers to sever ties with a company that does business with the Israeli Defense Forces.

Adam Kredo reports:

As the NBA is facing outrage after the general manager of the Houston Rockets capitulated to censorship by the Chinese communist government, the Trail Blazers quietly severed ties with the manufacturer Leupold, which has a contract to produce accessories for the Israeli Defense Forces.

Trail Blazers president and CEO Chris McGowan recently announced the decision to bow to pressure from BDS activists, telling a reporter for the Bleacher Report that “Leupold is no longer a part of the organization.”

The move was celebrated by anti-Israel activists and picked up by the pro-BDS blog Mondoweiss, which stated that the decision came “after a year-long campaign by local activists to pressure the Blazers to drop the sponsor.”

Maybe the Portland Trail Blazers just need to read up on their history.