Here’s one of those tweets we don’t quite trust: It doesn’t link to any article, and it cites “multiple sources” for its claim that Hillary Clinton is thinking about running for president in 2020. Not that we don’t agree with the premise; she’s always thinking about running for president or being president. This time around was supposed to be Joe Biden’s turn, but seeing how he’s collapsing in the polls and bleeding from the eyeballs on TV, Clinton might consider this her chance.

Rasmussen’s “big news” from earlier Monday was another poll showing Clinton beating Trump, not unlike the polls from 2016 that showed the same thing. So that’s probably fuelling this nonsense.

But she and daughter Chelsea just published a book on gutsy women; she literally wrote the book on guts.

It would be like her to let all the other candidates destroy each other in the debates and then descend from her pedestal to “save” the party.