As Twitchy reported earlier, Jack Burkman and Jacob Wohl on Thursday held a press conference with a former Marine who claimed to have had a long-term sexual relationship with Elizabeth Warren. “These charges will shock the conscious [sic] of the nation,” Burkman promised.

We saw their press release go out Wednesday night and ignored it, but The Daily Beast’s Will Sommer showed up for the event and live-tweeted it, and it sounds like it went about as well as anyone could have suspected.

So they held the press conference in Burkman’s driveway?

It’s when we saw that sign that we knew we had to do a post. Someone actually had to have that printed up on purpose.

“Hit my back with with [sic] a chain trying to take down a swing,” according to his Instagram account. Oops.

We doubt Warren will respond to any of this, but she did tweet her support for cougars:


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