The New York Post used teen climate alarmist Greta Thunberg as the photo to accompany its story, but Thunberg really has nothing to do with it. It’s simply another climate change “study” that predicts that as the climate changes, coffee growers will either have to abandon their land or move to cooler climates where the quality will suffer.

Besides, we doubt coffee prices would even be on Thunberg’s radar when she’s running around talking about mass extinction within years.

The story, originally printed in the U.K. Sun, warns:

By 2050, up to half the land currently used globally to grow coffee could become unusable for this purpose, experts predict.

The environmental cost of this could be dire, with increased deforestation likely in order to clear new areas for coffee farms.

Experts fear the quality of coffee could be diminished as farmers turn to new varieties, and that lower production volumes could cause prices to increase.

“Experts predict.”

But … coffee!

There’s no point in going to school; we’re all doomed.