When Speaker Nancy Pelosi let it be known she’d be calling for a formal impeachment inquiry into President Trump at 5 p.m., little did she know she’d set the countdown for when the Trump campaign would release its video supercut of Democrats calling for Trump’s impeachment for years.

Also waiting in the wings: a statement from the Republican National Committee calling for Joe Biden to release transcripts of all of his calls with Ukraine and China:

President Trump has said he’ll release a full, unredacted transcript of his call with Ukraine’s president Wednesday, leaving the ball in Biden’s court to release his own transcripts.

One thing to note from that second tweet from NBC News: there’s no mention of the video of Biden bragging that he threatened to withhold $1 billion in U.S. aid unless the prosecutor were sent packing.

As a private citizen, Biden’s in no position to be declassifying transcripts, but this might be a shot over the bow from the Trump campaign.