Speaker Nancy Pelosi is getting close to announcing something about an impeachment inquiry into President Trump — something she’s resisted despite calls from the more progressive members of her caucus — but she found time Tuesday to appear at The Atlantic Festival and speak with Atlantic editor Jeffrey Goldberg.

The Atlantic reports:

She said that Trump was “making lawlessness a virtue in our country,” and accused the director of national intelligence of “breaking the law at the direction of the president” by withholding a whistle-blower complaint that reportedly implicates Trump in asking the president of Ukraine to launch an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden’s dealings in the country.

“If that is the case—that the president of the United States would ask a foreign government to assist him in a political way—that would be wrong,” Pelosi said.

Would it be impeachable?, Goldberg asked.

Pelosi would not answer directly. “I’ll be making an announcement at 5 p.m. today. Not here, not now,” she said.

One question she would answer directly, and it’s caught in the video below, is why Trump has to be impeached.