We’ve already seen journalists successfully lobby to have hurtful “Fake News” T-shirts removed from the gift shop at the Newseum, and we’ve seen reporters absolutely melt down when Forever 21 began selling clothing with the words “Fake News” on it, calling the biker shorts and other items “all you need to express your hatred for journalists in clothing form.”

Walmart only recently got in good with the lefty journalist crowd when it asked customers not to open carry in its stores, but the retail chain is going to be in big trouble when word of this “Fake News” Halloween costume gets out:

Look, it even comes with a name tag/press credentials, so little kids on the subway know whom to ask why President Trump hates them.

But seriously, journalists are going to be ticked off that this thing even exists — the people wearing it don’t realize they’re supporting Trump’s effort to dismantle democracy by discrediting hard-working journalists, like the two who wrote that Kavanaugh book.

Sorry, CNN and The New York Times, but “fake news” is a thing now and you’re well past fixing it.