Elections are coming up in Canada very soon so this is a big deal there, although here it’s just funny to see the whole Ralph Northam scenario play out again. As Twitchy reported, super-woke Candian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was found to have worn “brownface” in 2001 while attending an “Arabian Nights” party at the school at which he taught, and the photo appeared in the yearbook. TIME published the photo Wednesday.

Even funnier is the other parallel with Northam, who claimed to have worn blackface to appear as Michael Jackson in a dance contest; now Trudeau is confessing to having worn blackface in high school.

He’s since apologized:

Just like Northam … classic.

Oh yes, they will.

The “Aladdin” brownface picture was taken when he was 30 and teaching.

Apparently it was a Harry Belafonte impression:

Did he win? Northam’s moonwalk apparently earned him first place.

* * *


Trudeau confessed not only to wearing blackface but being a little too enthusiastic about costumes sometimes: