You probably don’t remember it, but back in Spring 2017, people like Rachel Maddow were crowing at the top of their lungs that President Trump was trying to arm people with “severe mental illness.” Like the word “racist,” they just reflexively threw in the word “severe” for shock value, and Bette Midler said she was going to cancel that check she’d just written to the ACLU when she found out the organization was actually for Trump’s plan.

Trump’s plan had little to do with arming the mentally ill and everything to doing with extricating the Social Security database from background checks and restoring due process. What? Did you sign over control of your Social Security checks to another party? You’re mentally ill and can’t own a gun!

Now we’re talking about red-flag laws that again do and end-run around due-process and unnecessarily stigmatize people with mental illness as potential mass shooters. We’ll bet the ACLU is going to lose a ton of donations over this, but we applaud them.

R.I.P. your mentions, as they say.