The higher-ups have managed to whittle down the number of Democrats on stage for Thursday night’s debate in Houston to a manageable 10, as opposed to those two-night monstrosities we had to deal with earlier (well, we had to deal with you; if you were smart you tuned out).

ABC News is pretty jazzed to be hosting this time around and posted a quick story about what to be looking for Thursday night.

We don’t know @sarainitaly, but she follows Twitchy so she obviously has impeccable taste, and she added some GIFs to help ABC News explain just what to expect up on stage. They’re not labeled so we’re guessing. First is obviously Joe Biden:

Elizabeth Warren making an entrance:

This has got to be Bernie Sanders, but not as loud:

Pete Buttigieg?

We’re guessing this is Cory “Spartacus” Booker arriving in his chariot:

Andrew Yang, whom we’re still not convinced isn’t going to do something “unprecedented” by handing every voter in the audience $1,000.

Beto O’Rourke, obviously:

Kamala Harris:

Yes, it has. And last and very likely least, Amy Klobuchar:

If we had to guess? Warren. And certainly Trump.


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