Candidate Andrew Yang was one of the earliest contestants on CNN’s bizarre seven-hour town hall on how each candidate would save the planet within the next 11 years, and he played pretty coy with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer when Blitzer asked if it would mandatory to drive an electric car:

To be fair, we really didn’t hear Yang mention confiscation, but he does think the government should maybe buy back your old clunker and upgrade you to an electric model you’ll enjoy much more.

Hey, it’s classic auto enthusiast Iowahawk!

You know where you’re probably not going in your electric car? Out for a steak dinner.

Yes, Kamala Harris wants everyone to get away from a meat-based diet too — which we hear comes part and parcel with socialism.

It’ll be interesting to see if any of these great responses evolve between now and MSNBC’s two-day climate forum later this month.


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