Rolling Stone, which really should have been sued out of existence over that completely bogus “A Rape on Campus” fiction, has now done a piece on Andy Ngo … not on his talents as an independent journalist who gets right into the thick of things, but as one who has managed to get the mainstream media on board with his cause: “demonizing antifa.”

Considering we have the footage of Ngo being surrounded by antifa goons, having some liquid dumped on his head, being struck in the head and given a brain hemorrhage, and having his camera equipment stolen, it’s not like Ngo had to do a lot to “demonize” antifa, the black-clad goons who hide their faces and intimidate journalists and encourage police to kill themselves.

When has Rolling Stone ever gotten anything wrong? But, come on, check this out:

Yeah, and he used CGI to insert that object thrown at his head, and the cement or whatever was poured over his head.

Ouch. True, but ouch.