You know, we really don’t think we need to talk to actress Debra Messing at all. She’s made it pretty clear where she stands and that she’s not going to be moved on any issue. Why would she be if she wants a list of donors to President Trump so she and her “Will and Grace” co-star “can be clear about who we don’t wanna work with.”

The idea of a new Hollywood blacklist didn’t fly with the public, and now Messing seems to think that she and the public need to talk.

Wait … how do you come together with people if you refuse to work with them because their political beliefs are different? What good is texting going to do?

This is stupid.

By the way, the woman who says “we need to come together” recently retweeted this gem with the note, “THIS. Yesssssssssss”:

Yeah, we don’t have a lot we want to talk to you about. You’re vile.