In case you missed it this week — and how could you have missed it — there was a very important anniversary; the fifth anniversary of the time President Barack Obama briefed the press wearing a tan (or taupe) suit. Liberals like to note how conservatives made a very big deal out of the tan suit, much like conservatives lost their minds when, say, someone released a video of a young(er) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dancing (actually, it was pretty cute), or when a tabloid posted pictures of Malia Obama enjoying a bottle of wine with some friends. (“Leave the kids out of it” was what we heard, but whatever.)

The idea, of course, was that Obama wearing a tan suit was the biggest scandal of his scandal-free administration. CNN even offered an expert analysis:

Yeah, who keeps that on their calendar?

Yep. Why else would so many leftists and lefty news organizations run stories on the anniversary of a suit?

Here’s the always partisan and always humorless NowThis News with its compilation of horrified conservatives:

Here’s blue-check Adam Best (who?) insinuating that the only problem conservatives had with Obama was his skin color:

What was scandalous was the content of the press conference, which was essentially Obama admitting he had no plan to deal with ISIS. Becket Adams has a great piece in the Washington Examiner Saturday nicely summing up the media’s obsession with the single scandal of the Obama administration.

Adams writes:

Newsrooms have since rewritten the history of that 2014 incident. Every year on the anniversary of Obama debuting his tan suit, a number of journalists and commentators claim it was the president’s critics who overreacted. They claim it was conservatives, not the newsrooms that gushed like teenage fans, who turned the suit into a full-blown event.

Today, members of the press have tweaked further their false version of events. They now use the anniversary of the tan suit to claim the Obama administration was essentially scandal-free. This is beyond ignorance or sycophancy. It is immoral and a damned lie.

A wistful Chris Hayes, for example, dedicated an entire segment on MSNBC this week to characterizing the suit as Obama’s “biggest scandal.” He was only half-joking.

Elsewhere at MSNBC, senior national correspondent Chris Jansing provided viewers with a five-year retrospective, claiming that the “suit has become a symbol for the lack of scandals during the Obama administration.”

MSNBC’s Ari Melber also signed off his show this week by recalling fondly the 2014 press briefing incident, saying that those were “the good old days.”

“On the anniversary of the day that Obama wore a tan suit — a choice he was heavily criticized for — people are realizing how little scandals there were when he was in office,” writes People magazine’s Joelle Goldstein.

At the Washington Post, reporter Antonia Noori Farzan writes, “Tan Suit Gate has taken on a different meaning, coming to symbolize the relative dearth of scandals during the Obama administration.”

“Remember what used to piss people off about a president? It was about what he wore, that was our big kerfuffle five years ago, oh how things have changed,” CNN’s Chris Cuomo said this week of the tan suit episode.

He added, “Boy, what a difference five years makes.”

Cuomo’s colleague, CNN’s Don Lemon, agreed, saying, “Those are the days, right? That was a scandal.”

That and Fast and Furious and Benghazi and IRS targeting of conservative groups and spying on journalists and droning Americans and … the tan suit, of course.

We can’t wait until the cable networks report on the sixth and even the tenth anniversary of Obama’s tan suit.