Cory Booker doesn’t stand a chance of being the Democratic nominee in 2020, but he keeps hanging in there with the rest of them. Now he’s promising to root out white supremacism; after all, the majority of terrorist attacks in the country have been perpetrated by right-wing extremists, and the majority of those right-wing extremists were white supremacists.

Also note that, like everyone else keeping a tally of terrorist attacks on United States soil, Booker begins his tally starting Sept. 12, 2001 … kind of convenient.

We’d have to compare stats, but we don’t think the Las Vegas shooter was a white supremacist, nor was the Orlando nightclub shooter, nor was the Fort Hood shooter, nor the Parkland shooter, not the Boston Marathon bombers. El Paso? Yes. Dayton? No. Focusing on white supremacists is going to overlook a lot of terrorist activity.

Booker hasn’t gotten the memo yet that we’ve moved from white supremacy back to Trump being mentally unfit to be president.