To be fair, the Washington Post isn’t alone in arguing that dogs are bad for the planet. VICE says your dog is ruining the environment. HuffPost reported last fall that your dog is terrible for the environment. Just how bad is your dog for the environment? The Los Angeles Times did some digging and found out.

But WaPo’s take is pretty hot:

Here’s the thing, though. Set aside the clickbait graphic there, and it turns out the article is about feral dog colonies in Brazil muscling out natural predators and chowing down on precious baby turtles and other snacks.

That’s quite a leap from “bad for the planet” to “destructive.” But if WaPo wants to make enemies with millions of dog lovers to score some clicks on a piece about wild dogs in Rio de Janeiro, so be it.

You’d stop having kids, you’d stop eating meat, you’d give up your pets, you’d stop flying a private jet to Geneva for climate emergency meetings.