If you’ve been following along on Twitchy you know there’s been a lot of tension between Christian satire site The Babylon Bee and fact-checking site Snopes.com, which seems to think it needs to point out that CNN didn’t really buy an industrial-sized washing machine to spin the news — but that’s the sort of thing Snopes keeps calling out as “fake news” and suggesting it’s meant to be deceptive.

As Twitchy reported recently, Snopes shared concerning research that “too many people think satirical news is real.” The study was conducted by two researchers and a Ph.D. student at The Ohio State University, and the two professors receive funding from Facebook, which uses Snopes to fact-check stories.

Now The Babylon Bee is hitting back with its own shocking survey that shows something equally troubling, if not more so:


They’ve really been hitting back hard, and it’s great to see.