Woman’s March co-organizer and selfie-buddy with the members of The Squad, Linda Sarsour, has had it with CNN’s Jake Tapper, who called out Miftah, the group that was sponsoring Rep. Rashida Tlaib and Rep. Ilhan Omar’s planned trip to “Palestine” and was named by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu specifically as one of the reasons the two were banned:

But let’s back up a second to what triggered Sarsour, and we’ll start with Twitchy favorite @AG_Conservative.

And National Review’s David French, who wrote a piece on Mitfah exposing the organization, was retweeted by CNN’s Jake Tapper, which exposed him and his “clear bigotry against Palestinians.”

Sarsour has included a screenshot of Tapper’s retweet on her Facebook page, which reads in part:

I am sick of Jake Tapper’s shit and the silence of liberals on his clear bigotry against Palestinians. He’s not on our team.

He’s retweeting blatant LIES AGAIN. He often amplifies conservative, right-wing Zionist, staunch pro-Israel propaganda.

Rashida and Ilhan are a thorn in his side because they expose that he’s no champion of “the resistance”. Just because he critiques Trump every once in a while doesn’t give him a pass for the rest of the nonsense he spews.

Marc Lamont Hill got FIRED for far less than the nonsense Jake Tapper has spewed as he launched attacks on women of color in the past too. Don’t be silent. We know white men rarely held accountable but we won’t stop trying. Our people deserve that.

Uh oh, Jake.


Sarsour says she and a few others are going to deliver their petition on Aug. 22, so look out.