Andy Lassner, executive producer of “The Ellen Show,” is a reliable progressive voice on Twitter (that we often ridicule), but today Lassner took a bold stand against Antifa, telling the black-clad militants, “You don’t represent me.”

But just as President Trump is vilified for calling neo-Nazis “very fine people” — something he never did — some people see things only in black and white. If you don’t support Antifa, then you’re obviously a fascist — there is no middle ground. How are the higher-ups going to like hearing that Lassner supports fascism?

Uh oh.

Tom Arnold everybody! (Yeah, we didn’t feel any need to feature him at or near the top.)

Maybe see some of our other posts today on Antifa thugs attacking journalists just for recording them or wearing American flags on their clothing. That’s fascist behavior for you.

UPDATE: The repentance is complete: