Look, the “End Domestic Terrorism” rally in Portland Saturday was pretty much pointless, although it succeeded in its goal of drawing out Antifa in large numbers to provoke threats and violent clashes (including attacks on the media, as usual).

After a while, the organizers decided to pile into a couple of buses and get out of Dodge, but not before a group of Antifa protesters attacked the buses and the people in them with a hammer:

The guy falling after failing to break a bus window is pretty entertaining, for sure.

And here it is in handy GIF format:

“Escape from Portland.”

At least the locals were kind-hearted:

It truly is the city of Antifa — they’ve taken over. So don’t be caught out in the street holding any hate symbols like an American flag.

We don’t know who this guy is talking, but he’s our favorite person today; notice how the Antifa goon is at a total loss for words when asked to give up the stolen MAGA hat: “No.” And then he tries to damage it somehow with his mighty paws:

And Buck Sexton has a great closing point: