We haven’t seen media hall monitors Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy all over this one yet, and it’s been a week. We thought that it was a dangerous time for journalists to tell the truth in America (at least according to Jim Acosta), but we didn’t realize it was a dangerous time to be around journalists.

This thread goes on a bit, but we’ll kick it off with some hotel security video showing White House correspondent April Ryan’s security guard rushing a local reporter out of a hotel lobby, allegedly after running off with his camera.

Here’s the thread that sets up the whole thing. Charlie Kratovil is founder and editor of New Brunswick Today in New Jersey.

CNN really is having a bad day. Chris Cuomo is caught up in the whole “Fredo” debacle, Don Lemon’s being sued for sexual assault, and now this story about CNN political analyst April Ryan is starting to get some traction, especially with the release of that video.

She blocked us a long time ago, not surprisingly.

Hey CNN PR, you want to take this one too?