You know as well as we do by now that “white supremacy” is the new “Russian collusion,” and Democrats and the media (same thing) are portraying the public charge rule, which was signed into law by President Bill Clinton in 1996 after enjoying bipartisan support, as bigoted and racist.

Does she even read what she tweets? (Probably not; a staffer probably writes these.) But America’s proud heritage as a beacon of opportunity is exactly why we’d encourage immigrants who wouldn’t grow to rely on government assistance but instead take advantage of their new opportunities.

And as far as the public charge rule being swiftly challenged in the courts? It’s been on the books for decades.

Learning the language? That sounds racist … somehow.

And yes, there are exceptions for refugees and asylum seekers.

Remember when we took in Fidel Castro’s refugees he’d released from Cuban jails and mental health facilities? That was nice of us, but we could do better.