If you head over to fact-checking site Snopes.com right now, you’ll likely get hit with a popup asking for money to assist Snopes in its current legal troubles: “We’d rather be focused exclusively on fact-checking and investigative reporting right now, but a legal battle has forced Snopes to fight for its very survival.”

That legal battle, by the way, has nothing to do with The Babylon Bee and its editor-in-chief Kyle Mann, who retained a law firm to argue that Snopes, which consistently “fact-checks” the satirical Babylon Bee and labels it “fake news,” is smearing the site. But it does look like Snopes would like to avoid another lawsuit.

Now the site has rolled out a new “warning” — Labeled Satire — and Mann is not impressed.

What? “Not all content described by its creator and audience as ‘satire’ necessarily constitutes satire.” Dudes, just because you (and Brian Stelter) can’t recognize obvious satire doesn’t mean the rest of us need a warning label.

Here’s an idea; either Snopes just closes down, or it learns to leave clearly labeled satirical sites out of its “fact-checking.” Two Democratic candidates just claimed Michael Brown was murdered — go fact-check that.