As Twitchy reported Wednesday, Fox News anchor Shepard Smith was very upset by the news that ICE had conducted a raid of several locations across Mississippi and detained approximately 680 illegal aliens pursuant to federal warrants. As we said then, Smith’s soliloquy could have come straight out of the mouth of a Democrat presidential candidate or Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Mississippi gubernatorial candidate Tate Reeves came out in support of ICE Wednesday:

Rep. Ilhan Omar somehow managed to tie the raids to the El Paso mass shooting on Saturday, saying that the Hispanic community had already been dehumanized and targeted, and the only logical end was violence.

Omar’s claim that the only logical end is violence is telling, seeing that just a couple of weeks ago squad captain Ocasio-Cortez had opposed an anti-BDS resolution in the House, saying that her concern was that the meat of the resolution “forces people into other channels and I would hate to be a part of, you know, paving that kind of path.” In other words, violence.

Of course, both the cable and broadcast news networks are playing up the separation of children from their illegal immigrant parents:

We guarantee she’ll be fed.