Despite Rep. Rashida Tlaib reminding her House colleagues that the United States proudly boycotted Nazi Germany, the House voted overwhelmingly Tuesday, by a vote of 398-17, to pass a resolution opposing the BDS movement against Israel.

Though Tlaib and Rep. Ilhan Omar have framed the debate as a First Amendment issue, suggesting that somehow the resolution would somehow outlaw dissent or criticism of Israel, it does no such thing.

What’s disturbing, though, is Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ argument against the resolution, which seems to suggest that passing it would lead nonviolent anti-Israel protesters to explore other means of protest.

“Overly punitive”? Has she read the resolution? And what does she mean it “forces” people into other channels that she “would hate to be a part of”?

Sixteen Democrats opposed the bill, including Omar and Tlaib, not surprisingly, though Rep. Ayanna Pressley broke with the squad on this one.

And what’s this about?