Here’s the thing journalists don’t seem to understand. They might write up the news, but they no longer control our access to the source material. There are video and transcripts and press releases and tweets bills posted online and we can see them all.

So as CNN’s White House correspondent, Jim Acosta is supposed to be filling us in on what the president is doing any given day, and not editorializing. But in this tweet where he characterizes President Trump as “consoling himself,” he’s included the transcript of the president’s remarks, right where we can read them. And we don’t get at all where he got the idea that the takeaway was Trump “consoling himself.”

Take a look; maybe we’re just not seeing it:

Did he miss the next bit where the president said in El Paso, “It was no different here?” If El Paso was no different than Dayton, which was “incredible,” how is that consoling himself?

I guess we’re supposed to feel bad for Acosta? He should quit his CNN gig and live off the book sales until it’s safe to be a reporter in America again.

If you want a White House correspondent who simply reports what happened, there’s always, thankfully, Mark Knoller: