OK, we know we’ve already done one post on Rosanna Arquette today, which is probably more press than she’s had in a while, but when someone claims that Antifa is not a hate group, we have to wonder … do they hide their faces with masks and kerchiefs as they wear body armor and carry around homemade weapons and shields … out of love?

Meanwhile, Trump supporters, who are all apparently white supremacists, are out picking up the trash in Baltimore and being shamed for it by the local newspaper, which itself ran stories on the city’s trash problem asking why nothing was being done.

But we have to go back to Arquette because she’s racking up the likes for confessing how ashamed she is that she was born white and privileged. A lot of progressives feel this way, for sure, but she just came right out and said it.

It’s not.

Apparently not. It’s true confessions time.

Don’t worry; Arquette has plenty of supporters in her mentions saying there’s no need to apologize for being white as long as she recognizes her privilege and uses it for good.

Or she could become a conservative, where we don’t judge by skin color.

And if that doesn’t work there’s always the Rachel Dolezal route.