As Twitchy reported Tuesday night, former FBI assistant director and NBC News contributor Frank Figliuzzi triggered a lot of people watching MSNBC by explaining exactly why President Donald Trump had ordered flags flown at half-mast until August 8 to honor the victims of the mass shootings over the weekend.

You see, the flags will return to full-staff on August 8. That’s the eighth day of the eighth month, or 8/8. And what’s the eighth letter of the alphabet? H. So Trump wants the flags raised on 8/8 because H.H. stands for Heil Hitler and it’s a coded message to his Nazi supporters that, despite what he said in his speech, he’s with them on the El Paso massacre.

We’re glad we weren’t alone in picking up on that story; Mediaite also shone some sunlight on it, and it turns out that while a lot — and we mean a lot — of people found Figliuzzi’s theory “chilling,” a lot also think he’s a nut.

This most definitely is not helping.

Don’t forget Obama flashing the “white power” sign; he’s absolutely in the club:

Like we’ve said; the Mueller report was a dud, socialism isn’t selling, so it’s going to be be “Trump is a white supremacist” 24/7 until they can find something else.