It’s difficult to think of someone in politics more useless that London Mayor Sadiq Khan. At one point murders outpaced those in New York City, so the mayor urged YouTube to take down videos glorifying knife violence and put up handy knife disposal bins around town. And when acid attacks became a problem? The city put up handy posters instructing just what to do in the case of an acid attack.

At the moment, the mayor is concerned with spending some money to highlight African creativity in the city.

The people of London, though, seem more concerned that they’re edging closer to the streets of San Francisco. At least the city put up signs asking citizens not to foul the sidewalks with human waste.

Here’s one of those “what to do in case of acid attack” posters:

Maybe Khan could have a summit with Nancy Pelosi and Elijah Cummings about making their cities a little less “vibrant.”


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