You may have heard that language is like a virus, and as we stare at Twitter all day it’s like looking through a microscope and seeing new organisms develop. We realize that “Be Best” is the official name of first lady Melania Trump’s anti-bullying initiative, although some outlets insist she stole the words from Michelle Obama.

Another we’re seeing a lot of is, “Do better.” For example, a progressive might get bent out of shape that The New York Times published a factual, non-biased headline about Trump, and after canceling their subscription in an outrage they’d implore the offending paper, “Do better.”

We’ll credit Ben Shapiro for tweeting this into our timelines; it’s a great thread to read if you’re sick of being told, “Do better.”

Nailed it.

It didn’t take long to find “Do better” in its natural habitat. Here’s Soledad O’Brien scolding Weijia Jiang and Norah O’Donnell for reporting accurately on President Trump’s speech: