We’ve had Eric Church blame the Las Vegas massacre on the NRA, Kasey Musgraves has argued that “nobody needs anything remotely automatic,” whatever that means, and now rising country star Jason Isbell is calling for an end to the whole war of semantics over what constitutes an “assault weapon.” You know what it is, and you don’t need one.

OK, we’re going to be a bit picky here, because here’s the thing: If the government is going to write legislation denying you a firearm because you don’t need one, we’d like it made very, very clear in the bill just what’s being banned. Is an AR-15 an “assault weapon”? We’d guess Isbell would say yes, while we’d say no. And that’s a problem.

All of the Democrat candidates are pledging during the debates to do something about “assault weapons” and “military-style” firearms. Is a semi-automatic pistol an assault weapon? Does it become one with a large enough magazine?

We guess the answer is, no, we don’t know what an “assault weapon” is, and we’d want it defined in excruciating detail before the government started forcing citizens to sell them “back.”

Seriously, just tell us what an assault weapon is so we know what you want to be banned.