Yes, sorry, it’s another post on transgender problems. But you might as well hear about it, since it will be affecting you sooner or later. As Twitchy reported last winter, the Brighton & Hove City Council in the U.K. had approved guidance for school teachers to promote that “all genders” can have periods and “menstruation must be inclusive of all genders”. Disposal bins used for menstruation products were to be provided in all school restrooms.

PinkNews reports that YouTuber Jamie Raines is calling for period products to be less gendered — tampons and such are all marketed toward women, when men can have periods too.

“It can be quite hard to navigate having periods as a guy when everything to do with periods is aimed very much towards women,” Raines said, adding that buying sanitary products makes him uncomfortable because “the advertising and packaging are very female orientated.”

Wonder why that is?