Part of us wishes that President Trump would lay off the nicknames, but then some of them are just so good, like “Sleepy” Joe Biden. Biden, still the frontrunner in the Democratic primary, was sleepy at the first debate on MSNBC and got bitch-slapped by Kamala Harris, who very literally had the T-shirts to commemorate the moment for sale at her campaign store as it played out on TV.

Biden has to know by now that things are serious; despite what early polls suggested, he isn’t going to get to just declare his candidacy and be handed the nomination like Hillary Clinton was (after she waited her turn). He’s actually going to have to fight for it, and considering this is the guy who wanted to take Trump behind the gym and teach him some manners, he needs to put his mouth where his campaign money is.

Rest assured: Multiple sources confirm the old man is ready to throw down.

Is he going to take those boxing gloves Chris Matthews gave him and take Harris behind the gym?

Our prediction? The man is just not up to it and his campaign staff knows it. He’s gonna get pounded.