As Twitchy has reported Saturday, President Trump called out Rep. Elijah Cummings for demonizing the Border Patrol and the migrant detention facilities at the border while ignoring his own district, which Trump called infested with rodents and rats after seeing a segment on Fox & Friends featuring video shot by Kimberly Klacik.

Plenty of blue-checks are jumping in to white-knight for Cummings, and of course CNN hall monitor Brian Stelter had to contribute something, but what he contributed was … this:

“A great slice of Maryland.” So what Stelter seems to be saying, for no reason, is that not every inch of Cummings’ district is covered with trash and infested with rats; there are some very nice suburban and urban areas as well, certainly.

Maybe it’s worth mentioning that in two of his three tweets, Trump specifically mentioned Baltimore.

So Stelter’s trying to say that Democrats have so gerrymandered Maryland that useless representatives like Elijah Cummings can stay in office forever? Besides, don’t blame Cummings for Baltimore’s current state; blame Fox News for lying to you: