When Elizabeth Warren was preparing to run for president, she dumped 10 years’ worth of tax returns on the media, who found that in 2017, she and her husband, who works as a Harvard Law School professor, pulled in $913,000. Warren herself enjoyed a $430,000 salary as a law professor at Harvard from 2010 to 2011. Gee, wonder why college is so expensive?

But don’t count out Joe Biden when it comes to milking universities. National Review’s Jim Geraghty is on it:

Heck yeah, he does. Geraghty writes:

As the Huffington Post pointed out in March, news archives reveal that the only person who’s ever called Joe Biden “Middle Class Joe” is Joe Biden. And he’s still doing it — at a house party in West Des Moines on July 15, Biden again told the crowd that he’s always been known as “Middle Class Joe.”

Biden’s continued insistence that he’s “Middle Class Joe” while raking in $15 million over two years is not quite as insufferable as Hillary Clinton’s claim that the Clintons were “dead broke” when they left the White House. But it’s getting there.

We’ve heard Biden speak for free, and free was too much.

Biden will certainly do something about the cost of college when he’s president — probably make working-class taxpayers pay to send rich kids to Harvard for free.